The Chronicles Of Shadow

Session 04 : Howl Under The Full Moon
Act I - Path Of Heroes

Marpenoth 18th, 1491 DR Year Of The Scarlet Witch
Cloak Wood, Sword Coast South

You said some things”, stated Emerik watching his companions approaching, “I said some other things. Maybe we should leave it behind us. What you say Zoljin?”.

The rogue halted his horse and stared the half elf for a moment, until finally he uttered “So be it.

Down the road they found a farm and they knocked on the door to find shelter for the night. An old man with his lady welcomed them, with a small price of gold. They fed the horses, made them dinner and readied some beds. Allassad and Lony decided to stay out, near the barn with the bandit prisoner. In the middle of the night, Zoljin sneaked into the living room, trying not to wake anyone. He found a small treasure stash behind a painting on the wall. He took half into his pockets. A howl followed by a ferocious growling disturbed the silence and woke the rest of them. They barged out of the house and followed a trail of blood to the barn. The prisoner was dead in a pool of blood. He was torn in half, parts of him bitten out of his body. Allassad was laying down in a slumber. He had no wounds but they couldn’t wake him up. A creature jumped from the rooftop to the mud, between them and the old man. A five feet tall beast, half human half wolf. A Werewolf, with a distinct red hair on its back. It growled with primal rage, showing its blooded teeth.

Do not hurt her” pleaded the old man, “She is not her self. In the morning it will be over! Please!

The werewolf attacked with claws and teeth and the the companions retaliated. But their weapons were no match for the beast.

Selene!” shouted the old man at his daughter, unsheathing his silvered sword, “Remember who you are! Fight it!

The werewolf stared him for a moment. Then she she listened to the wind and run away into the golden fields. The companions rushed to the old man to explain himself. He told them that many years ago he was hunting a witch in the land of Chult. He found the witch but he could not defeat her. She spared his life but cursed his daughter with lycanthropy. He believes the witch is near him again and is calling his daughter to her. She used to lurk in swamps, so he thinks she could be found in the eastern swampland. Lony, was nowhere to be found and Zoljin picked up her tracks going east. The same way the werewolf run. To the swamp.

Session 03 : Bandits Of Cloackwood
Act I - Path Of Heroes

Marpenoth 17th, 1491 DR Year Of The Scarlet Witch
Cloak Wood, Sword Coast South

Attaaack!” , shouted Emerik, shooting an Eldritch Blast towards the thin figure, next to their horses.

The blast knocked her hood back and revealed a girl not older than fourteen years old. She moaned in pain and grabbed her burned face.

Lony run!”, commanded her the other man, raising his hands above his head, suggesting they meant no trouble.

What the shit you’re doing, you noisy dimwit?”, Zoljin cursed, punching the half elf.

Touch me again and this the last thing you’ll do.”, responded Emerik calling upon his fey presence, intimidating the rogue. He glimpsed the look his companions gave him and backed off, feeling depressed.

Allassad took a horse and rode into the forest, to find the young girl. One of the two men, named Eric Shaw, told them they are rangers investigating the goblin ambush down the road and offered them their help. Zoljin didn’t believe them and told them to go on their way.

If they are rangers, then i am the Queen of Silvermoon. We are sitting ducks here and Allassad went off wandering. What was he thinking?”, said Zoljin to his companions.

Emerik decided to leave for the town, taking the cart with the treasure and the wounded guard with him. Vernon and Zoljin picked up Allassad’s trace and followed them into a bandit camp. Zoljin hidden in the thickets, watched carefully and listened. Allassad was captured and tied into a wood stick. The bandits and Eric Shaw among them asked him questions about his friends and their treasure. Allassad responded that they were not his friend and he didn’t know anything. Zoljin, returned to the cleric saying that he isn’t worth saving and left. The young girl, Lony, sneaked behind the prisoner while the others weren’t looking and cut his bonds, whispering,

I am as much prisoner as you. Different kind of bonds though. Lets help each other. Follow me, quickly now!

Emerik found him self into a muddy puddle trying to unstuck the cart wheel. Some time ago he encountered a redheaded woman riding a white horse. She said her name was Selene, and she was a ranger patrolling the area. “Too many ranger’s in one day”, the lord thought to himself. After explaining the situation she rode fast to Cloackwood to investigate the goblin and the bandit threat. As she was entering the forest from the one end , Zoljin with Vernon and Allassad with Lony were exiting the other. The four of them run on the trade way, finally catching up Emerik. The warlock left them again, driven by his wounded ego. They put the treasure in their backpacks and left the cart behind.After a while Zoljin spot horses coming against them. They set up an ambush in a turn of the road, hastily. Five bandit riders reached the turn and Allasad triggered a rope trap he made, knocking one of his enemies down. The others attacked from the bushes, catching the bandits off guard. Even Lony stood with the companions and Byorn fought with them. Sadly, the guard took an arrow in the chest and he would be dead if it wasn’t for Vernon. Finally the companions defeated their enemies and captured one of them alive. They continued their path and as the night fell, they saw Emerik catching his breath, under the full moon.

Session 02 : The Dark Chambers
Act I - Path Of Heroes


Marpenoth 16th, 1491 DR Year Of The Scarlet Witch
Cloak Wood, Sword Coast South

The writing on the wall started to fade and the words became a distant song, sounding like hundred mouths chanting beyond the darkness. The unpetrified man fell on his knees. He spoke but he made no sense. The companions offered him food and water and some pipe weed to calm him. Moments later out of gibberish he started to speak in the common language.

It’s all blur in my mind. I cant remember how i got here, nor i have memory of this place. I am Alassar from Barovia. Could you please tell me whats going on?”, said the man.

I ve never heard of Barovia and believe you me, i have been in many places, lad. We are in Sword Coast, south of Baldur’s Gate and lord Emerik stands before you. A pleasure.” , responded Emerik.

The heck is that?”, thought Zoljin to himself and hid in the shadows, ready to strike as he saw two swords unsheathing from a statue and float into the air.

Along them a heavy armor, started walking all by itself and attacked Emerik slamming his head. The flying swords dueled with Allassar and Vernon. For a moment it seemed that they were up against an invisible force, though soon they understood they were fighting magically animated objects, guardians of some short. The companions destroyed them with the help of Allassar. This dark place felt odd. Vernon detected many auras of magic around them and Allassar felt an overwhelming sense of power. They tried to go back to the Goblin Lair but they where lost. They wandered in the dark hall with the scattered statues and found an ark with an illuminated rune on top. Behind it darkness again. They entered and found themselves in an cave in some short with fungus covering ancient ruins. In front of them there was a stone well, with pure crystal water in it. Each of them approached and peaked into the well.

Zoljin saw a prison in the dungeons of Waterdeep. A hooded man with the symbol of the Black Network in his wrist, was giving a sack of gold to Joras, pointing him. Then he was in the darkness among tombs. A Skull right in front of him. Suddenly he was laying in the dirt. Time was rapidly passing and his body decomposed to skull and bones.

Vernon saw an island. He was standing, thirsty and hungry, between a fountain and an apple tree. When he tried to drink the fountain dried up and as he tried to grab a fruit, the branch rose out of reach. He saw the sun and a ram on top of a hill. His own self was standing next to him. He saw the ram again but now it was slain. A shielded knight above it, and a broken crown rising from the blood.

Emerik saw his younger self making love to the most beautiful woman. The Archfey. They were under a tree, and as their bodies become one the roots wrapped them and pulled them into the ground. He was falling in an underground cave. He landed in a lake full of thick blood. We walked out of it and the blood that covered him swiftly turned into a red cloak. He reached a balcony and saw the crowd beneath cheering for him.

Alassar saw a murdered boy in his arms. He buried him in a forest. Once he was holding a blooded dagger, but now a music box. Then he was surrounded by darkness. A living shadow was moving against him. He was in the forest again. He was the dying boy. His older self was burying him. Behind him stood a lady devouring the sun.

The four of them stood a moment trying to understand. Then, Alassar filled his flask with water from the well and Zoljin drank from the well. After ending his thirst he saw a hideous shadow coming against them.

Watch out! Over there do you see it? Take cover mates!”, shouted the rogue.

The shadow rushed against Alassar and stabbed him with its sharp claws, draining his strength. The companions retaliated but their mundane weapons was no match for this enemy. It was Vernon’s radiant holy spells that dissolved the shadow. Light versus darkness, the eternal struggle. They reached another ark with a different rune on it. Again they felt like moving through dimensions rather than corridors. They continued walking in short claustrophobic halls full of skulls on the walls. They reached a round hall with many arks around. None of it had an illuminated rune though. All over the place were tombs and skulls and dead bodies inside carved spaces on the walls. They could not determine the height of that room. In the center there was a stone round pylon with skulls on it. On the lower end it was hollow. A black table shaped like a hourglass was in the hole. A chest box, with stunning carvings was on top of the table. Zoljin started searching for traps and realized that this whole [lace is a death trap. That treasure seemed to be the trigger.

“Nobody touches the box. Follow my footsteps, we’ve got to leave this place right now!", said Zoljin and moved toward a light source in the other side.

A round light energy of some short was floating, giving them the impression it wanted to follow it. As they moved closer it flew towards a corridor, leaving a fading light trail behind it. The companions run behind it entering a dark hall that was getting smaller and smaller with every step. At some point they needed to crawl and the light now seemed to be the light of an exit. They all crawled into the bright light. When their sight adjusted to the surrounding, they saw Byorn half sleeping next to the bugbears treasure chest. They were back into the goblins lair.

You returned already? Thank the gods, did you find lady Moira?”, asked the wounded guard, trying to stand.

Byorn told them they were gone for almost ten minutes, although they felt they were in that dark chambers for many hours. They left hastily that place and headed for the hidden cart with the mysterious man from the stone, the wounded guard and the stack of loot. As they reached in the end of the forest, they saw three men uncovering the thickets from the cart and stealing their horse.

Session 01 : The Goblins Lair
Act I - Path Of Heroes


Marpenoth 15th, 1491 DR Year Of The Scarlet Witch
Cloack Wood, Sword Coast South

Thank you for answering my call. Thank you for answering the call of Lords Alliance. Lord Dymbryl is a very important patriar of the city and an affiliate of the Alliance. His daughter, lady Moira, traveled to the great library of Candlekeep seeking answers for her research on the revival of magic. She should have return by now, but her father hasn’t heard from her. The Lord fears something could have happened to her and needs someone to look for her and her entourage. She left on a black carriage, accompanied by an old scholar and a handful of guards led by sir Lando, of the Knights of the Shield. You should travel along the Coast Way to the south and search for her. A piece of advice, be very careful of those lands. We live ind dangerous times.

Farewell my friends.
Sir Amrath,
Knight of the Lords Alliance

Vernon read the papyrus for the second time this day, as his companions where sleeping next to the cart, around the small campfire. It was the middle of the month Marpenoth and the nights only got colder.

“See, i told you there isn’t anything hidden in the message.”, whispered the forest gnome to the air above his shoulder.

“Uuh? What did you say? Is it my turn to keep watch already?”, said Zoljin, half sleeping.

"No, nothing i said nothing. I mean yes, its your turn. Should we wake the waterdavian, too? ", responded Vernon.

“Nah. I doubt he even knows how to keep watch. Best leave the lord sleeping.” said Zoljin and picked up his dagger.

The three of them was a day south of Baldur’s Gate, searching for lady Moira. Lord Emeric wanted to gain the favor of the nobility, the cleric of Mystra, Vernon, knew the girl and supported her research and Zoljin was in it for the gold. The nobles pay better. However, there was something else, those three had in common even if they didn’t know it yet. They all dream of the same place, a dark hall full of statues and a hymn written on the wall, but each of them could only understand one specific verse.

Zoljin, found a dead guard with black arrows on his back, on the road. The tracks, indicated a goblin ambush. The goblins seem to dragged the travelers into the Cloackwood forest. With the first light of day, the companions, hid their cart to the bushes and enter the forest. The tracks led them to the a cave where goblins made their lair. Zoljin took out stealthy the three goblins in the entrance of the lair. Deeper in the cave they defeated a dozen of them. Zoljin slashing from the shadows, Vernon using the powers of his goddess and Emerik evoking the magic of the Archfey. The companions wandered deeper into the caves and rescued a guard, named Byorn. The goblins were torturing him and his knee was thrashed.

“They attacked us three or four nights ago. Goblins with wolves. I believe a bugbear is their chieftain. I last saw lady Moira taken to another cave before they drag me in here. Please help me.”, said the guard.

“He is only going to slow us down, there is nothing we can do for him.” , said Zoljin.

“It’s ok, i will carry him.”, argued Emerik.

The chieftain was sitting on a carved chair in his cavern, holding the chain of his wolf pet. In front of him two goblins were dividing the stolen goods. Zoljin’s blades were sudden and precise killing the goblins in an instant. Emerik sprayed magic poison against the bugbear and Vernon also hit the chieftain killing him before he even stands. But the ferocious beast bite with rage Zoljin, knocking him unconsious. His companions killed the beast and the cleric healed the rogue’s wounds. The bugbear had an odd key chained around his neck. They gathered the stolen treasures in a chest and dragged it behind them. Among the goods they found three items with a faint magic aura around them. A scroll, a violet potion, and leather bag.

Inside the goblin lair they found remnants of an ancient building. Stone stairs led to an altar with bronze plates full of coal on each side. Small fires were burning in them lighting a large stone door with geometric carvings in them. After examining the altar, that had dry blood on it and the runes around it, they suspected that “The noble blood will show the key hole”. Emerik cut his hand and dropped some bloodstains on the altar. The shapes on the stone started to move and a lock appeared. Zoljin used the key and the ancient door slide, showing the darkness behind it. Vernon used his holy light, to lit the corridors and they descended into the stone halls. After a while they found themselves into a dark hall full of statues with a hymn written on the wall, just like in their dream. Although, with each of them laying his eyes on the wall, the writing became clear. The statue of a knight holding a halberd, started to break unveiling the flesh beneath, as they read the hymn.

“Through the darkness
of future past
the magician longs to see
one chants out
between two worlds
shadow walk with me.”


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