1491 DR, Year of the Scarlet Witch

The Second Sundering started with Ao’s decision of rewriting the Tablets of Fate, and of separating the worlds of Abeir and Toril once again. The deities were unsure of what this would do to them and their power, and made efforts with their most powerful servants to prepare for that event. Most gods created many chosen among mortals, trying to gather as much power as possible, in order to be as high in ranking as they could before Ao could complete the new Tablets of Fate, sealing their status and portfolio. People started to claim they had been “chosen” by the gods and granted special powers, some apparently for “divine purposes” and others had no idea why.

The Sundering ended with the full return of Mystra and the Weave, and with the complete separation of Abeir and Toril. After the Sundering, all the wars that started in its wake came to an end. The League of Silver Marches disbanded in the aftermath of the war with the orcs, and Sembia dissolved into city-states. Abdel Adrian of Baldur’s Gate, son of Bhaal, was attacked by his last remaining sibling, and as one slain the other, the Lord of Murder returned to life.

Now, “The Gate”, stands in the brink of civil war. There is fear and rage among the people. As the bonds between the cities of Lords Alliance weaken, dark forces lurk in the darkness. Harper agents report the rise of an orc horde in the southern territories. The druids of Emerald Enclave heard a dragon roar in the depths of Sharp Teeth woods and the Order Of The Gauntlet is up against an undead swarm in the Fields Of The Dead. An unseen shadow is already among us and it is growing, slowly wrapping its tentacles around our necks.

The Chronicles Of Shadow

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